This page is WIP, a lot stuff will be changed but for now

This page contains all Discord rules, make sure to read them to not get in trouble!

A ban can be revoked if requirements don't meet

Green Ban Reasons

If you broke any of these, you will receive 2 warnings then 30 minute mute, before a moderator takes action.
  • Shit pinging people; Nobody likes to get pinged for no valid reason.
  • Spamming; Sending same message over and over and over.
  • Attacking other users; Do NOT attack other people.
  • Flooding; Posting something that unnecessarily expands the chat
  • Annoying other users; Mentioning a person after they have asked to stop.
  • Using Bot Commands in general and other channels; can be flooded and also given a channel to use bot commands

(One verbal warning is required)

Yellow Ban Reasons

If you broke any of these, you will receive a warning then a mute, before a moderator takes action.
  • Inappropriate picture/name: having an inappropriate profile picture or a username.
  • Attacking the Staff Team: Do NOT attack anyone from the staff team.
  • Taunting: A remark made in order to anger someone.
  • Talking bad about other users: Talking bad about a player's reputation.

(Applies for people that aren't in the Discord)

Red Ban Reasons

If you broke any of these rules, you will be muted before a moderator takes action, so FOLLOW THOSE RULES!
  • Racism: Prejudice or discriminate opposing or unlike races with the belief of supremacy. (16h)
  • Being Suggestive: Discussing sexual subjects, porn or using sexual words. (30m)

(Sexual memes/pictures are included)

  • Scamming: A dishonest scheme. (4d)

(Applies in DMS)

  • Framing: Producing a false evidence to get an innocent person punished. (24h)

Black Ban Reasons

If you broke any of these rules, you will be instantly PERMBANNED, so follow those rules!
  • Alternative Account: Using an alt account to bypass a mute/ban from the Discord.
  • Raiding Roblox Studio Projects Hangout:  Self explaination.
  • Troll Account: Using an account to do harmful activities  to everyone else.
  • Terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

(Memes, pictures are included)

  • Pornography/Serious Gore: Posting pornography or serious horrifying images. (a separate channel has been given for this)

(Direct messages are included, invalid if they both agree in question.)